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NITLENational Institute for Technology & Liberal Education
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We did a lot of work with the iPad when it came out, using it to teach stroke-based languages like Arabic and Chinese," explains Joey King, executive director of NITLE.
One of the first NITLE members to take advantage of the partnership will be the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning (CIEL), a network of higher education institutions focused on advancing innovations in student learning.
The partnership between CDW-G, LifeSize, and NITLE - and the interactive learning environment that HD provides - allows us to offer resources our member colleges would not normally be able to afford.
With the 137 institutions in its Network, NITLE works to enrich undergraduate education and strengthen the liberal arts tradition.
We're enthusiastic about the best-practices, real-world approach NITLE can take as part of the Southwestern community, deepening NITLE's connection to participating institutions and positioning it for even greater influence in undergraduate education.
We were genuinely interested when NITLE approached us about taking over its operations and relocating to our campus, but we really began to see the potential once we persuaded Joey King to step in as executive director.
The transition of NITLE to Southwestern has been an enormous effort, with involvement from a number of organizations, including The Mellon Foundation, Ithaka Harbors, and the university itself.
Once the ink was dry on the deal, King embarked on a "listening tour," meeting with as many NITLE participants as possible and getting feedback on group programs and services.
King and Southwestern University, NITLE will maintain its innovative nationwide staffing structure.
Among the first participating institutions in NITLE, Southwestern's history with the technology institute, its leadership, and its location in the center of the country were significant factors in the decision to move NITLE headquarters to the campus, according to Kevin Guthrie, Ithaka president.
Integrating NITLE with Southwestern University marks a new and exciting chapter in NITLE's development and positions the organization for a deeper level of collaboration with the college community," Guthrie said.
Southwestern hosted one of three NITLE technology centers beginning in 2001 when the Southwestern center was created to serve the Associated Colleges of the South in a program funded by Mellon.