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NITSNetwork Independent Transport Service
NITSNeighbors in the Strip (Pittsburgh, PA)
NITSNational Institute of Technology, Srinagar (India)
NITSNetwork Integrated Transmission Service (various power utilities)
NITSNational ISDN Technical Subcommittee
NITS[not an acronym] Niteres (Latin: to shine; Candelas Per Meter Squared)
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The Chairperson also took stock of the progress made by NITs under flagship programme of GIAN, Unnat Bharat, MOOCs, and Digital Library.
He also called upon NITs to complete construction of basic infrastructure including e-classrooms within a specified time frame.
PAN NIT Alumni 'Engineer of the Year' and 'NITian of the Year' awards were bestowed on Dey and Thomas, respectively.
Therefore, this study has been conducted with an aim to determine the correlation among the facilities such as LA, NI, CI, ER, MA and NS of various NIT libraries across the country.
MORE than 600 people have signed a petition to bring nit nurses bacK to schools.
The web was crucial in the research phase of Nit Boy, allowing me to easily cross-check facts for the quiz at the end of each book and to debunk some of the commonly held myths around nits.
But getting back to modern nits, the ones of recent decades, they must have been under threat as never before, but in an instinct for survival unmatched by any other species, they have stuck around and even made a massive comeback.
In addition to nit-picking and using medicated shampoos, experts recommend vacuuming thoroughly to pick up stray lice and nits.
The X15 is a 15-inch, XGA, full-color active matrix LCD monitor that is available in three models: a non-touch LCD monitor with a brightness of 250 nits, a resistive touchscreen with a brightness of 200 nits, and a capacitive touchscreen with a brightness of 200 nits.
Ten to 12 million Americans each year are diagnosed with lice infestation, and two new alternative products are available to get rid of lice and nits (louse eggs) safely and effectively.
Am I picking nits, or is that an inappropriate use of 'reticent'?
It can be difficult to tell the difference between nits and dandruff.