NITTNational Institute of Technology, Trichy (India)
NITTNigerian Institute of Transport Technology (Zaria, Nigeria)
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Alem de entrevistas realizadas com os gestores dos NITT e com pesquisadores, os dados reunidos pelo projeto se constituiram de documentos, arquivos de apresentacoes cedidos e anotacoes livres.
No final de cada transcricao ha uma referencia como, por exemplo: NITT UFV (8883-9497).
Um professor usar do 'jeitinho' para administrar uma spinoff universitaria, por exemplo, torna-se algo normal e ate incentivado pela estrutura dos NITT e ate pelas agencias de fomento.
The NITT applies to must trusts that are subject to income tax, but does not apply tit tax exempt trusts.
It is also possible to manage the amount subject to the NIH, by investing in assets within the estate or trust that are not subject to the NIIT The fiduciary may invest in tax-exempt or tax-deferred investments to reduce the amount of NII Here again, the fiduciary must consider the overall net after-tax investment return and not just the amount of NITT saved for the trust or estate.
Each of the NITT ACT participating theatres joined such allies as the Chicago Public Library and the international education organization Facing History and Ourselves in hosting at least one production, panel discussion or teen-centered community event that touched on the issue of violence.
Steppenwolf's stage adaptation of The Book Thief--a novel by Markus Zusak, in which Death narrates the story of a young Jewish girl residing in Nazi Germany was produced under the NITT ACT rubric last fall.
This array of productions will be followed by performance-based studies led by educators and community leaders, evidence that NITT ACT's community engagement has been heavily shaped by theatres' education departments.
Tenders are invited for outsourcing of Security Services to NITT Campus.