NITTANorthern Ireland Timber Trade Association (UK)
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manufacturing arm of Japans Nitta Corporation, Nitta Corporation of America develops products specifically designed for the many printing folders that Goss manufactures, using the most advanced technology available.
The results of a recent study we conducted, which was published by the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, are significant as ingestion of the two peptides we're using at Nitta, proline-hydroxyproline (PO) and hydroxyproline-glycine (OG), showed a major difference in skin moisture retention and elasticity, thus demonstrating the appearance of the reduction of wrinkles.
Treatment with IV CYC with corticosteroid has been shown to be more effective and prevent more relapses than an IV CYC alone (Uchida & Nitta, 2012).
Nitta H, Hayase H, Moriyama Y, Yamashima T, Yamashita J.
For example, in order to claim support for ministerial visits to Yasukuni, Nitta finds it necessary to go as far as to deny the existence of comfort women, label Kono's 1993 statement as part of a "masochistic drift" (p.
As part of the transfer, effective May 1, Yasuhisa Nitta, head of PIMJ, now reports to James Sullivan, senior managing director and head of Prudential Fixed Income.
Hiro Nitta, PhD, MBA, is Scientific Fellow of Tucson, Arizona-based Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
Isamu Nitta, Former Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka and current President of Japan-Sri Lanka Association also addressed the gathering with wishes for the special occasion, stressing the warm and friendly ties between the two countries that have developed over the years.
Matsuo S, Imai E, Horio M, Yasuda Y, Tomita K, Nitta K, et al; Collaborators developing the Japanese equation for estimated GFR.
With: Ladya Cheryl, Nicholas Saputra, Adjie Nut Abroad, Klarysa Aurelia Raditya, Dave Lumenta, Abizars, Iwan Gunawan, Nitta Nazyra C.
17 -- Nitta Gelatin India Ltd (NGIL), formerly Kerala Chemicals & Proteins Limited, a joint venture between KSIDC & Nitta Gelatin Incorporated Japan, has plans to launch new products before the end of financial year 2011-12.