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For example, in order to claim support for ministerial visits to Yasukuni, Nitta finds it necessary to go as far as to deny the existence of comfort women, label Kono's 1993 statement as part of a "masochistic drift" (p.
Nitta 642 (P, PAP, TNS, UC); Mo'orea, south side of Mt.
Hankyu Department Stores President Nobuaki Nitta and Hanshin Department Store President Hideo Nishikawa retained their posts.
Kabuto M, Nitta H, Yamamoto S, Yamaguchi N, Akiba S, Honda Y, et al.
12A Nitta Sayuri reveals how she transcended her fishing village roots and became one of Japan's most celebrated geisha.
We'd like to supply quantitative evidence of the impact on human health of gasoline emissions to develop measures to improve the situation," said National Institute for Environmental Studies researcher Hiroshi Nitta.
Shinji Nitta, who heads up the Hijack and Terrorism Prevention Office at Japan's Transport Ministry, said that some senior police officers have been sent to Europe for specialist training.
Terakoshi, 71, made the request to Hideki Nitta, deputy chief of the government office supporting abductees and their families, at the Cabinet Office.
Annette Nitta, director of the county's tuberculosis-control program, said TB cases in the state rose from 3,297 in 2000 to 3,332 in 2001.
The police said they have arrested Satoru Nitta, 33, a gangster from Otaru, Toru Kato, 31, an unemployed man with no fixed address, and three other men on suspicion of stealing an RV from a car park in Sapporo's Nishi Ward on June 25.
Nitta, whose company is among those in Japan using offshore software centers in India, said many Japanese small and medium-size enterprises and supporting industries ''want to use Indian software but are prevented from doing so.