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NITZNetwork Informed Time Zone (time update software)
NITZNetwork Identity and Time Zone
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The rare-earth magnets in the 10 silicon-iron laminate sections that are stacked to create the rotor core (400 magnets are used per motor) are manually positioned (as are the stacks, which are slightly offset for purposes of controlling what's called "torque ripple": Nitz explains that to minimize vibrations in the electric motor, the magnetic field has to be specifically tailored, so the stacks are built up such that they create a herringbone pattern on the OD and there are precise features stamped out of the laminates to control the flow of the magnetic field).
Nitz, PhD, MPhty, BPhty; (1) * John Perrier, BPhty; (1-2) Peter Cook, MBBS, FANZCA, FCICM (3)
Participants in this trial had a mean age of 84 (SD 6), and so were likely to represent a group that would have some deficit in balance and some falls risk factors compared to the sample in the Nitz et al (2010) study.
This is part of our new concept to be at the core of the Asian market," Nitz continues.
Kiesel KB, Uhl TL, Underwood FB, Rodd DW, Nitz AJ (2007a) Measurement of lumbar multifidus muscle contraction with rehabilitative ultrasound imaging.
Kuwati's Nitz Alinea completed the podium placers with a 1,188 score and 198.
On the morning of March 7th, word reached Nitz Pedragosa, Donsol's Tourism Officer, that a whale shark had been caught on March 6th in nearby San Antonio, a barangay of Pilar town, adjacent to Donsol.
Nitz (radiology, University Hospital of Regensburg), and Schmeets (cardiac segment manager, Siemens Medical Solutions.
I thought that we could carve symbolic `presentation' canes - not as an everyday use object, but an artistic representation of our support and respect," the woodcarver, Jack Nitz, wrote on his Web page.
William Johnson, Evan Nitz, George Gonzales, Jonathan Barrett, Brett Mapston, Frank Sornatale, Dr.
Written by griffon lover and mother of three Kristin Wolden Nitz, Saving the Griffin is a charming young adult novel about three siblings who discover a lost baby griffin in a modern-day Italian garden.
Meanwhile, consultant chef Clodagh McKenna advises the Nitz family from Malahide, Dublin, on cooking and nutrition - and mum Virginia is a self-confessed novice in the kitchen.