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NIVNational Institute for Virology
NIVNeoplasia Intra-Epitelial Vaginal (Portugese)
NIVNational Integrated Voicemail
NIVNo Income Verification (loan)
NIVNet Invoice Value
NIVNon-Integral Vibration
NIVNon-Immigrant Visa
NIVNew International Version (of the Bible)
NIVNo Innocent Victim (band)
NIVNon Invasive Ventilation
NiVNipah Virus (paramyxovirus)
NIVNetzausgleich Individualverkehr (German: net reconciliation individual traffic)
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The NIV is, more than any other translation, the most highly supported translation for study with over 50 Bible commentaries, dozens of reference works, and hundreds of Bible study guides and other resources available.
Acute Care - While NIV systems are not typically at the forefront of intensive care, the benefit is that many of the newest invasive systems have the option to transition a patient from invasive to NIV therapy without the need to change the machine.
Two original copies will be produced, one to be offered to the Smithsonian Institution and the second auctioned to benefit the International Bible Society, which holds the copyright to the NIV.
Shah, Scientist C, NIV, Pune, availed Pandemic Influenza Diagnostic Training at National Public Health Laboratory, Kathmandu (August 3-9, 2009).
1] would allow assessment of the response to NIV in relation to the severity of airway obstruction.
Targeting the post's largest applicant pool, Mandarin-speaking NIV officer JP Lai launched a Mandarin language visa blog that contains the Mandarin version of the video, three television interviews that Lai did with the local multilingual broadcasting channel and a Mandarin Web chat based on common questions from Chinese chat rooms.
Working with ResMed expands our NIV portfolio and provides clinicians with access to a wider selection respiratory products aimed at improving patient comfort and maximizing therapy compliance.
Mission Mexico may also gain additional capacity from a pilot program, under way at two posts, outsourcing a portion of the NIV application process to off-site facilities.
Helmet NIV is less effective than face-mask NIV for the management of acute exacerbations of COPD (Navalesi et al 2007).
Biblica and Zondervan kick off the second of four quarterly campaigns with free access to NIV and several study note systems available through anniversary app
The NIV section's latest outreach effort, in June, was a webcast on "Applying for a Student Visa," broadcast via Adobe Connect.