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NIVENational Institute of Vocational Education
NIVENederlands Instituut Voor Efficiency (Dutch: Dutch Institute for Efficiency)
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Sur l'histoire mouvementee de l'ultramontanisme et du catholicisme au Canada francais voir notamment les travaux de Philippe Sylvain et de Pierre Savard, les travaux de Jean-Paul Bernard et d'Yvan Lamonde sur le conflit entre le liberalisme et l'ultramontanisme, ainsi que les syntheses historiques du catholicisme canadien- francais, celle dirigee par Nive Voisine et celle, plus recente, de Lucia Ferretti, Breve histoire de l'Eglise catholique au Quebec, Montreal, Boreal, 1999.
Outbreaks of NiVE occurred in Bangladesh during 2001 and 2003, in areas where NiV antibody-positive fruit bats have been identified (19).
She said: "We're really enjoying the floats and Nive is as scared as I was when I was her age.
MAN-HUNTER Nives Bullock saw handsome Dennis Light as a sitting target.
Among the bands and performances scheduled for the Next Stage are: Nive Nielsen, Washington, Jezabels and The Boxer Rebellion.
Historian Nive Voisine suggests that not only did Reticius not believe in the viability of the Toronto District and an English-language novitiate because of its financial instability and poor recruitment record but he also thought that closing communities was sometimes necessary for districts to survive, let alone progress.
Olof Arnalds: Iceland Snorri Helgason: Iceland Gudrid Hansdottir: Faroe Islands Nive Nielsen: Greenland
The old centre, or Grand Bayonne, is separated from the more traditionally Basque quarter, Petit Bayonne by the river Nive.
Industry experts from major organisations including the ENDP, British Council, Al Futtaim Group, Aujan Industries, NIVE, EIBFS, Emirates Academy and many more will be meeting at the 6th Annual GCC Nationalisation Summit, which is taking place between 24th - 27th April 2011 at the Grand Millennium Hotel in Dubai, UAE to discuss strategies moving forward.
Marwan Al Sawaleh, General Manager: Human Resources and Organisation Effectiveness at DUBAL, reports that the participating students were selected from several educational institutions throughout the UAE, including various schools, UAE University, the Higher College of Technology, and the American University of Sharjah, Sharjah University, NIVE and IAT.
ix: "Vides ut alta stet nive candidum/ Soracte,"(1) he murmured.