NIWINederlands Instituut voor Wetenschappelijke Informatiediensten
NIWINurse in Washington Internship (Nursing Organizations Alliance)
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Candidates should submit a letter stating application for a NIWI grant, required accompanying information listed previously, and a curriculum vitae, plus three additional copies of the materials, to the ONS Health Policy Team, 125 Enterprise Drive, Pitts-burgh, PA 15275-1214 (866-257-4ONS; astone@ons.
As NIWI participants, we all collectively advocated for common nursing issues.
After completing the NIWI program, I immediately applied the information that I obtained to health policy at the state and federal levels.
Every NIWI participant graduated from the three-day course with a new appreciation and a better understanding of the importance of advocacy from nurses in the public policy arena.
While at NIWI, she worked with a member of Congress on a bill that would impose stricter regulations on tanning salons.
When taking part in something like NIWI, nurses need to have a unified front.
Grant recipients will receive full registration for NIWI and travel expenses.
Each year, ONS is proud to send the largest delegation of members--more than any other NOA organization--to participate in the NIWI program.