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NJACNew Jersey Athletic Conference
NJACNew Jersey Administrative Code
NJACNational Joint Action Committee (Trinidad and Tobago political party)
NJACNot Just Another Con (science fiction convention)
NJACNew Jersey Arts Collective (Belleville, NJ)
NJACNational Joint Advisory Committee (United Kingdom)
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Both NJAC and NUFF called for a new educational paradigm that eventually resulted in the replacement of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).
Islamic parties that are included in NJAC are the Kurdistan Iraqi Front, the Shiite Movement of the Iraqi Mujahedin and the Islamic Movement in Iraq.
Of course, I have been vocal in my comments about the judgement on NJAC.
It is my goal to continue our advocacy work on behalf of county government, and to fulfill last year's agenda, while establishing new goals for NJAC that will ultimately enhance the state of New Jersey's local and municipal government services, as well as the state's public education system," Mr.
1985-86 Men's Basketball First team to reach the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Final Four; NJAC Champions
While scrapping the NJAC, all five judges in the constitution bench had concurred that even the collegium system was flawed and required certain corrections.
The new rule, NJAC 7:1E, requires fixed facilities with storage capacity greater than 20,000 gallons of federally listed hazardous materials or 200,000 gallons of petroleum products show proof of financial responsibility for cleaning up on-site and off-site spills.
it confers virtually a monarchical power on the eminent persons in the NJAC, a power without any accountability," he said.
The arguments for and against the NJAC, which will give the government a major say in the appointment of judges and replace the two- decade- old collegium system where judges themselves appointed judges, have reached such a situation that both sides ( judges and the government) have begun citing individual cases ( without taking names) to drive home their point.
Rohatgi said the opposition to the NJAC could have been understood and appreciated if there would have been five outsiders and one judge in the panel.
Nariman and Ram Jethmalani against the new body which will replace the twodecade- old collegium system, AG Mukul Rohatgi submitted before the five judges of the constitution bench who cut short their summer vacation to hold the hearing that it was the will of the people to have a "transparent, accountable and criteria- based appointment of judges"through the NJAC instead of the collegium system, whose working was "shrouded in mystery".