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NJCNational Joint Council (Canada)
NJCNational Junior College (Singapore)
NJCNational Judicial College
NJCNordic Journal of Computing
NJCNanyang Junior College (Singapore)
NJCNavy Joining Center
NJCNeighborhood Justice Center
NJCNeuchâtel Junior College (Canadian High School in Switzerland)
NJCNizhnevartovsk, Russia - Nizhnevartovsk (Airport Code)
NJCNovice Jumper's Certificate (Dog Agility Title)
NJCNational Jean Company (various locations)
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Brenda Rhodes is the department chair, business and cosmetology, at NJC.
That affidavit was the basis of a court case that Salami had instituted against Katsina-Alu, which he was "prevailed upon" to withdraw* in order to allow the NJC to carry out an investigation into Salami's allegations.
The NJC award is based not only on safety statistics, but also safety initiatives, systems, control measures and communication.
One further detail agreed at the NJC meeting was for discussions to start on the future of stable staff pensions and the Nass claim for a pounds 100-per-year increase in the current pension payment of pounds 400 made by trainers for each employee.
The union believes the NJC is trying to ''smash'' FBU unity by trying to move from national to local bargaining.
NJC interns spend six weeks working with the center's staff and another six working with writers and editors at conservative media like Human Events and National Empowerment Television.
He is not a clinician or information systems techie, but a point man who is leading NJC into disease management by converging multiple communications technologies that link payers, patients, care providers, pharmaceutical companies and information systems.
Using the $58,000 Andrew Pierce Memorial Grant, NJC will complete a beatification project to create a more attractive, unified and welcoming campus environment.
NJC Hydro Power Limited (NHPL) is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of Bhilwara Energy Limited (BEL) for development of Nyamjang Chhu Hydro Electric Project as per terms of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed with Government of Arunachal Pradesh (GoAP) on 29th May 2009.
The NJC, not too long ago, dismissed two or three Appeal Court judges.
SIR - I believe your article "Councils paid mileage rate 20p above the level set by taxman" (April 14) reflected a one-sided view, giving the impression that local council staff were profiting from the difference between the Inland Revenue's rate for car allowances compared with the NJC approved rates for local government.
Cornelius explained that most trainers introduced new pay rates between February and March, which, he said, meant there was a delay in implementing terms agreed nationally though the NJC in September or October.