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NJCANational Job Corps Association
NJCANational Judicial College of Australia
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NJCANew Jersey Counseling Association
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NJCANewcastle Junior Cricket Association (Australia)
NJCANew Jersey Compensation Association
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NJCANew Japanese Canadian Association (Alberta, Canada)
NJCANew Jersey Cricket Association
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NJCANew Jersey Christian Academy
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NJCANorthern Jamaica Conservation Authority
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NJCA has loan counseling centers in most cities throughout the state.
In February 1993 NatWest signed a three-year agreement with NJCA for $40 million.
That agreement has since expired, and the fact that NatWest has voluntarily entered into a new three-year agreement with NJCA is extremely significant," said Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, executive director of NJCA.
The programs, which take effect immediately, were fashioned by NatWest NJ, in coordination with NJCA and the New Jersey Non-Profit Affordable Housing Network.
New Jersey is one of the top states for foreclosure activity and our partnership with NJCA is critical as we continue to explore ways to reach borrowers who are still struggling to meet their mortgage payments.
Through organizing campaigns that promote economic, social, racial and political justice, NJCA encourages the active involvement of New Jersey residents in challenging the public and private institutions and agencies that impact our lives.
They're young people that don't have the credentials most young people have," says Jose de Olivares, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships for the NJCA.
NJCA also argues that Susquehanna has failed to meet with community groups to discuss the needs of the communities that Equity Bank serves.
NJCA also requested that the Board hold a public meeting or hearing on the proposal.
Lipkin stated, "We are pleased to report that we have exceeded our projected goals under our five-year, $103 million Community Investment commitment signed in 1998 with NJCA.
We are proud of both our staff and students for their continual pursuit of excellence and of our partnership with the NJCA.
Fleet's $500 million investment program is the largest infusion of capital ever made for community development in New Jersey and products associated with this program will be available through Fleet branches statewide and NJCA counseling centers.