NJDANew Jersey Department of Agriculture
NJDANew Jersey Dental Association
NJDANational Juvenile Detention Association
NJDANew Jersey Dietetic Association
NJDANew Jersey Defense Association
NJDANew Jersey Development Authority
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The NJDA selects companies that are best equipped to serve our members with innovative technology and services and Demandforce is a great fit," said Barbara A.
The NJDA is one of the largest state dental associations and Demandforce is happy to have been selected as its recommended online marketing and communication solution," said Patrick Barry, Vice President Marketing and Product Development at Demandforce.
However, in 1996, the New Jersey Legislature directed the NJDA to develop appropriate "standards for the humane raising, keeping, care, treatment, marketing, and sale of domestic livestock.
In 2004, a coalition filed suit alleging that the NJDA failed to establish standards of treatment of farm animals that are "humane" -- as required by the New Jersey Legislature in 1996 -- and instead sanctioned numerous inhumane practices, including all routine farming practices, used to raise animals for meat, eggs and milk.
Local SPCAs and law enforcement agencies must defer to NJDA before animal cruelty charges can be filed in cases involving livestock.
The NJDA has consistently acted to maintain the agribusiness status quo at the expense of animal welfare," said Gene Baur, president of Farm Sanctuary.
Not only is it the primary cause of oral cancer, but it is also a leading cause of periodontal disease, a serious form of gum disease that results in tooth loss, especially for smokers," said NJDA President, Maxine Feinberg, D.
It's apparent that high-tech entrepreneurs may know their technology," said Elizabeth Wong, NJDA chairwoman, "but they may not know much about running a high-tech company.
Students who complete the ETI program will be eligible to apply for financing through the NJDA or through the New Jersey Economic Development Authority's (EDA's) New Jersey Seed Capital Program for emerging high-tech businesses.
For more information about the EDA, the NJDA and their programs, call (609) 292-1800 or visit the Authority's website at www.
This advocacy has involved a dominant presence in the Entrepreneurial Training Institute, a program that the NJDA offers twice a year at 10 locations throughout the state, participation in a Lenders Roundtable for ETI students and, ultimately, funding for ETI graduates as they begin and expand their new businesses.
An expanded version of this article will appear in the NJDA newsletter.