NJDEPNew Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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After finding that the property was the source of contamination of Livingston's drinking water wells, the NJDEP rescinded that NFA approval in 2008.
EPA, the NJDEP radon section sponsors a program called the "Radon Awareness Program" (RAP).
Shellfish biologists from the NJDEP boarded every boat throughout each day of transplanting to determine the cultch and oyster proportions in quick samplings taken from the deckload, and advised the captains if they were collecting excessive quantities of cultch.
However, when she made her statements, the USGS and the NJDEP, in an interagency meeting, were given evidence that nitrogen was not harming the bay.
The NJDEP finfish survey began in 1988 and is conducted five times per year in April, June, August, October, and January.
The NJDEP filings may be in jeopardy as a result of an August 24, 2007 ruling by the Superior Court of New Jersey dismissing an attempt by the NJDEP to recover $260,000 in an NRD claim against ExxonMobil for benzene and toluene groundwater contamination that adversely impacted drinking water wells in the Hillwood Lakes area of Ewing, New Jersey The court found that the NJDEP had not provided sufficient expert support to uphold the assumptions utilized in the mathematical formula for calculating NRD in groundwater.
Donovan, How to Deal with NJDEP Violations, METROPOLITAN CORP.
Additionally, NJPIRG said voter approval of the ballot question guarantees funding to support the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's (NJDEP) anti-idling enforcement program and cover the cost of a research project conducted by NJDEP to examine further steps needed to protect children from school bus emissions.
The introduction of the upgraded system is part of an agreement to resolve all outstanding liability with the NJDEP regarding air emissions and stormwater discharges.
These NJDEP surveys focused on bioaccumulation of isomers exclusively found in Aroclors 1248, 1254, and 1260.
An NJDEP study discovered that the area had the state's highest recorded levels of fine particulates in the air.