NJHANew Jersey Hospital Association
NJHANational Junior Horticultural Association
NJHANew Jersey Highway Authority
NJHANew Jersey Homeschool Association
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In conjunction, NJHA will work in reducing preterm births, severe pregnancy complications associated with high blood pressure and hemorrhage, racial/ethnic and geographic disparities, cesarean births among low-risk pregnant women as well as improving identification of and care for infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome.
The next year NJHA continued to pursue the project by meeting with members of the House Ways and Means Committee.
Our healthcare providers recognize the importance of staying ahead of the latest threats and implementing security best practices to protect their critical e-health systems," said Joseph Carr, CIO of NJHA.
With benefits at 22 percent, this position would cost NJHA $17,852 a year.
As a wholly owned subsidiary of the New Jersey Hospital Association, NJHA (HBS) has been working with its members and strategic partners for more than 30 years.
The partnership will provide NJHA members with special incentives and pricing while at the same time providing LaserFiche with access to NJHA's vast Health Information Management (HIM) resources for marketing guidance and future product development.
ZixCorp and the NJHA have signed a two-year agreement exclusively endorsing ZixCorp services and providing access to NJHA's 105 member hospitals and other partners through NJHA's Strategic Partner Program.
This survey confirms our worries that the crisis is not only deepening but also reaching into every corner of the state," said NJHA President and CEO Gary Carter.
While 2001's performance was better than the $114 million gain posted in calendar year 2000, it is still not enough to wipe out the combined losses of $429 million sustained in the previous two years (1998 and 1999), according to NJHA officials.
NJHA and CA are cosponsoring a variety of programs to bring the benefits of CA's acclaimed eTrust line of security solutions to NJHA's 104 members statewide.