NJISACFNew Jersey Independent South Asian Cine Fest
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Collaboration with Mela further propels the "long term goals of NJISACF to extend the life of the films that it has screened in the past, in addition to those it will feature in upcoming years," according to the NJISACF director, Sakti Sengupta, who has spearheaded the event since its inception in 2007.
In a burgeoning media landscape where traditional modes of distribution have given way to outlets that are greater in number but less secure in terms of legality and profitability, Mela and NJISACF hope to take programming to a better, more dependable and durable level.
The mission of NJISACF will be to promote and recognize the talents of the new, the established, the underrepresented, the best and the brightest Independent South Asian filmmakers from across the globe.