NJMCNew Jersey Meadowlands Commission
NJMCNew Jersey Mining Company (Kellogg, ID)
NJMCNational Jute Manufacturers Corporation (India)
NJMCNew Jersey Municipal Courts
NJMCNational Jute Manufactures Corporation Limited (est. 1980; India)
NJMCNew Jersey Motorcycle Cruisers (motorcycle club)
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In order to acquire Marathon's stake, the Agreement requires NJMC to make a $10,000 down payment, to be followed by a $90,000 payment by November 30, 2015 to implement the Option.
The NJMC Business Accelerator, a project of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, provides early stage businesses the support services, guidance and networking opportunities that are critical to turning an idea or technology into a successful business.
Tax base growth has slowed over the past three years with declines driven by the NJMC property valuation decline and some commercial/residential declines but remains sizable at $3.
While the NJMC settlement was sought, the township issued and repaid $6.
To meet the overall traffic needs of this economically critical corridor, the NJMC determined that the most cost-effective and immediate solution to reduce congestion was the upgrade and coordination of the regions signal system, and the deployment of the adaptive traffic control system known as SCATS or the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System.
Through its renewable energy initiatives the NJMC has shown that economic growth and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive goals and can go hand-in-hand to improve the economy and quality of life of New Jersey residents.
The new master plan is a bold effort to give the salt marshes and Hackensack River the protection and wildlife management they need and deserve," said NJMC Executive Director Robert Ceberio.
In support of the new Master Plan, the NJMC also approved new regulations and a new zoning map, and introduced a regional transportation plan to further encourage smart growth in the Meadowlands District.
NJMC Chairman Susan Bass Levin noted that the acquisitions highlight Governor McGreevey's Smart Growth initiative to secure environmentally sensitive wetlands throughout the state.
2) NJMC to invite entrepreneurs to run Kinnison, Khardah and RBHM jute mills through licence route
The vein intercept in hole DDH04-6 is approximately 480 meters southeast of the Katie-Dora ramp where NJMC discovered a high-grade gold shoot earlier this summer.