NJMEPNew Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program
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Jim Lewis, eMachineShop founder and CEO, is excited to be selected as a finalist, saying "We are delighted to be recognized as a contender for the NJMEP award.
Federal investments like this help NJMEP provide our local manufacturers the support they need to create jobs, foster innovation and continue to grow.
Kennedy, NJMEP COO explained, "NJMEP's objective is to create a Lessons-Learned Database - where NJMEP can connect "those in need" with "those that have" while also creating a more in-depth and useful Disaster Contingency Plan for NJ Manufacturers".
The recent additions to NJMEP allow the organization to provide greater support to the small and mid-sized manufacturers in New Jersey.
In addition to Lynore's financial and management expertise, her terrific leadership skills and unmatched work ethic have helped cultivate a winning culture at NJMEP," adds Frank Wyckoff, NJMEP Chairman.
It's not only Lynore's financial and management prowess, but also the terrific leadership she has brought toward building a great culture here at NJMEP," adds Frank Wyckoff, NJMEP Chairman.
Both Plotkin and Sordillo look forward to working with NJMEP to help strengthen manufacturing in the state.
NJMEP features products manufactured locally on a section of its website called "Made In New Jersey" and created Facebook and LinkedIn groups called "Made In New Jersey" to serve as "Virtual Resource Centers" for manufacturers.
In honor of New Jersey's manufacturers, NJMEP dedicated a section of its website called "Made In New Jersey" to products manufactured locally.
DVIRC and the NJMEP will play a key role in research, development, demonstration, and deployment critical to producing innovative and marketable products," said Dr.
The New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Partnership looks forward to aggressively supporting the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster," said Robert Loderstedt, CEO, NJMEP.