NJNCNew Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium (Bell Labs Innovations)
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A subsidiary of Lucent Technologies, based at and run by Bell Labs, the NJNC conducts basic and applied nanotechnology research and provides fabrication and packaging capabilities, fulfilling its mission of bringing nanotech ideas from concept to commercialization.
The agenda will include addresses from Bell Labs Research and Advanced Technologies President Jeff Jaffe and Bell Labs Vice President of Nanotechnology/ NJNC President Dave Bishop, as well as key research collaborators.
The velocity of transition from lab to prototype speaks highly of the NJNC business model, which enables mPhase to leverage Bell Labs' expertise in accelerating the product realization process," said David Bishop, NJNC president and Bell Labs vice president of Nanotechnology.
Attendees included members of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, which has provided funding to the NJNC.
Larry Thompson, the former chief executive officer of the NJNC, is NanoVance's chief technology officer.
In a related move, the NJNC has joined the NbA (http://www.
The NanoBusiness Alliance is playing a fundamental role in the development of the nanotechnology industry," said Ellery Buchanan, executive vice president of the NJNC.
Nathan Tinker, co-founder and vice president of research and education for the NbA, noted that the NJNC is an important resource to the expanding nanotechnology sector.
With corporate, academic and government participation, the NJNC develops cost-effective nanotechnology devices across a variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical, biomedical, electronic materials, optical/photonics, defense/aerospace, energy, industrial and semiconductor markets.
The NJNC will prove to be a significant player in bridging the gap between nanotechnology research and the marketplace.
The NJNC will help speed nanotechnology products to market by offering immediate, cost-effective access to world-class fabrication facilities, design and prototyping services, and volume manufacturing processes that will enable the rapid commercialization of nanotechnology devices and applications.
As a center of excellence, the NJNC is helping to build the critical infrastructure that will be needed to bring nanotechnology-based products to market," said Adam Pechter, president and chief executive officer of Prosperity New Jersey, a state non-profit organization working to create jobs and grow the state's economy by linking New Jersey's business, education and government communities.