NJOPNational Jewish Outreach Program
NJOPNilai Jual Objek Pajak (Indonesian: Tax Object Sale Value)
NJOPNose, Jaw and Oral Protection (football face guard)
NJOPNew Journal of Physics
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Buchwald to address the critical issues of assimilation and lack of Jewish knowledge, NJOP is now one of the largest and most successful Jewish outreach organizations in the world.
Since its founding, NJOP has become one of the largest and most successful Jewish outreach organizations in the world.
In a cooperative effort to significantly increase this year's number of college-aged Shabbat Across America/Canada participants, NJOP and Hillel (The Foundation For Jewish Campus Life) are conducting a continent-wide outreach campaign.
By heavily targeting college students with little or no religious training and background to the beauty and significance of the Jewish Sabbath, NJOP hopes to lay a foundation of Jewish practice that will only grow stronger as SAA participants begin to have children of their own.
NJOP has seen that by offering programs like Shabbat Across America/Canada, individuals start to place more value on quality and quantity time with family and friends -- time that will allow Judaism to flourish for another 3,000 years.
NJOP offers free programs at more than 2,800 locations across North America and in 27 countries worldwide.
Stressing the critical relationship between Hebrew literacy and Jewish continuity, NJOP orchestrated its outreach launch for RHA/RHC to coincide with last month's Jewish High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) -- the time of year when preserving Jewish unity and continuity is of paramount concern to all Jews.
To that end, in late August, NJOP sent an appeal to the Rabbis of over 4,000 U.
NJOP is confident that READ HEBREW AMERICA/READ HEBREW CANADA will set a standard for how easy and enjoyable learning to read Hebrew can be, and that it will bring NJOP closer to its goal of reaching 500,000 unaffiliated Jews by the year 2000.
To underscore the significance and importance of Hebrew literacy in North America, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu strongly endorsed the RHA/RHC program in a recent open letter to NJOP.
As they do with their year-round Hebrew Reading Crash Courses, NJOP will provide its acclaimed free Hebrew primers for each student, as well as its free instruction manual and flash-cards to RHA/RHC volunteer instructors.
Additionally, NJOP is enlisting the support of private organizations such as businesses, social clubs, and associations, to promote the program internally and to actively secure community involvement.