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Part III then discusses five considerations commanders should contemplate before deciding between NJP and SCM: (1) the authority to initiate; (2) jurisdiction; (3) the degree of commander's control and discretion; (4) the punishment of and the collateral consequences to the Soldier; and (5) the resources and time required.
NJP's Backlog Elimination Grants Project is the most significant private sector effort to date to contribute to solving this nationwide problem of unprocessed rape kits," said Natasha Alexenko, founder of NJP, speaking at the First Annual Advanced DNA Technical Workshop - Bode Mid-Atlantic in Charlottesville, VA, sponsored by Bode Technology, a conference designed to provide DNA training on the latest techniques and technologies to the forensic scientific community as well as the opportunity for scientists to openly share experiences from their laboratories.
The NJP programme was subsequently viewed as peripheral to the day-to-day concerns of the force and its officers.
DUIs can be referred to a court-martial if a shore-based Sailor refuses NJP or when the seriousness of the offense demands it.
As part of its efforts to help doctors make the transition to electronic health record technology, NJP established an EHR committee to research and evaluate EHR systems and make recommendations to members.
In the American military justice system, NJP authority is tied to command; therefore, disputes occasionally arise over whether the NJP-imposing officer has proper command authority.
Appreciating performance of subordinate judiciary and bar, he said judges and lawyers were working hard to meet the NJP targets adding without cooperation of bar no target could be achieved.
Pakistani judges apprised them of the objectives of NJP implemented in 2009, they added.
Implementation of the NJP is an obligation and we all have to perform.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance of NJP yard including Assistance to welding for removal of DFW(R) & DFW(O) and ancillary work under the jurisdiction of SSE/P.
He said that cases were divided in two groups under NJP, old cases and cases after January 1,2009 but it was frustrating to note that attention was not being paid to old cases.
Commenting on the historic achievement made by NJP in a short time, he said that the government would extend all out cooperation for upholding the supremacy of the rule of law and ensuring the independence of judiciary.