NJPCNational Joint Pitch Council (stock trading; UK)
NJPCNew Jersey Parents Caucus (Randolph, NJ)
NJPCNew Jersey Pinelands Commission
NJPCNathpa Jhakri Power Corporation Ltd. (est. 1988; now Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam; India)
NJPCNew Jersey Playwrights Contest (William Paterson University; New Jersey)
NJPCNational Joint Practice Commission (est. 1979; healthcare)
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The bottom line is they can find no evidence of serious criminality," said Tom Clark, chairman of the NJPC yesterday.
Following implementation of the Gambling Act last September, AGT has taken over the service contract that the NJPC had with Britain's racecourses, incorporating core activities of providing betting-ring manager services, maintaining and updating bookmakers' lists, managing late payments to punters and registering bookmakers.
For 40 years that was the cornerstone of the pitches, and when the NJPC came along, nothing changed.
The composition of the NJPC involves nominated representatives of all interested parties i.
The NJPC has obtained its authority from the Levy Board, which, in turn, has obtained its authority from its role of issuing certificates of approval to racecourses.
Why is the NJPC closing down and being replaced by NewCo, operating as the NJPC does now
The working group, chaired by NJPC manager Tim Moore and comprising representatives of the bookmakers, racecourses and Levy Board Bookmakers' Committee, was set up under the auspices of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, which requires a six-week period of consultation once a final document has been prepared.
An NJPC spokeswoman said: "The day that happened, they said they were betting at Folkestone as Value Bookmakers, but we have all the lists and there is no Value Bookmakers, so that was wrong straight away.
How then, can the NJPC say it "denies prior knowledge of pitch changes"?
Criticism has been levelled at the NJPC by those bookmakers who paid large sums of money for the best pitches, thinking that they were positions for life.
It was dropped to pounds 18,000, and still nobody bid, so I thought I would put it on the NJPC site for offers of over 1p, and just see how far this game has gone down the drain, and I have still to receive one phone call.