NJSCREFNew Jersey Stem Cell Research & Education Foundation (est. 2004)
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We look forward to further building our strategic partnership with NJSCREF through a growing number of research projects consistent with the Foundation's "bench to bedside" focus.
The New Jersey Medical School, a division of The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), provides a dynamic clinical environment within which to advance the ultimate NJSCREF collaborative partnership vision: bedside regenerative medicine.
In support of the NJSCREF strategic partnership, James M.
As NJSCREF's strategic partner, we intend to provide NJSCREF and its collaborators with a diverse array of well-characterized cell lines, world- class research expertise and an unmatched knowledge-base in the production, processing and storage of human stem cell lines.
NJSCREF was created in February 2004 as a non-profit vehicle to promote New Jersey-based stem cell research and education and the rapid "bench to bedside" development and delivery of stem cell therapies.