NJTNew Jersey Turnpike
NJTNational Jewish Television (TV channel; est. 1979)
NJTNet Joint Torque (biomechanics)
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As he was unwilling to undergo repeat NJT or nasogastric tube insertion he was commenced on short-term parenteral nutrition until adequate oral feeding could be established.
By dedicating Allvision's substantial resources to the efficient management of NJT's large outdoor advertising inventory, NJT professionals are then guided to the key decisions concerning the optimium utilization of these assets.
To make room for all the new trains, NJT has constructed new storage yards and expanded old ones.
NJT also has $339 million in subordinate COPs outstanding, which are not rated by Fitch.
Free parking will be available on evenings and weekends in the adjacent NJT 265-car parking lot.
NJT also has $348 million in subordinate COP's outstanding, which are not rated by Fitch.
The creative brainchild of Manhattan-based advertising agency DiNoto, the Ryan Beck "Let's Get Down To Work" campaign is initially scheduled to run from July through September 2004, with nearly 200 monthly postings on LIRR and NJT commuter rail station platforms -- covering New Jersey's Bergen, Morris and Essex Counties, as well as New York's Nassau County.
6 million in outstanding NJT Capital Grant Anticipation Notes, series 2000C.
US&S will provide 26 sets of the ASES system to ADtranz under the terms of the contract, which follows the December US&S announcement of its contract to provide ASES equipment for new Alstom-manufactured NJT vehicles.
NJT has a limited obligation to make basic lease payments on the COPs solely from Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5307 formula program funds, subject to annual appropriation with regard to each series of outstanding COPs by the New Jersey State Legislature.
In Falls Township, PA, the NJT Morrisville Train Storage Yard project will provide expanded overnight storage and light maintenance facilities for the NJT trains operating on the Northeast Corridor.
Concurrent with the issuance of the series 2002A COPs, NJT is also issuing $94,790,000 subordinated series 2002B COPs, which are not rated by Fitch Ratings.