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Using an Internet of Things approach in creating a modern turnpike will allow the NJTA to easily add enhancements to the road system such as advanced analytics and predictive capabilities in the future for traffic prediction, incident detection, and other roadway optimization capabilities.
Coming on the heels of the most significant physical infrastructure improvement in NJTA history (a recent widening project that added 170 lane miles of new roadway), the management plan employs advanced rule-based technology that shifts a long standing paradigm of sign management to message management supporting situational awareness and proactive incident management and avoidance.
IBM and NJTA have agreed to take a multi-year view when using technology to improve safety and service.
A single NJ E-ZPass CSC account is established and customers are issued the NJTA E-ZPass (IAG Agency 022) transponders for usage on all the Authority toll roads and the IAG/Interoperable toll roads.
Dale, NJTA's former director of operations and currently Baker's New Jersey Toll Initiatives director, for his insight into NJTA operations of the roadways, ramps, toll plaza and service areas.
The NJTA extended that date to December 23, 1998 at the request of MFSNT.
The Rating Outlook is revised to Negative from Stable, reflecting the growing financial pressure facing the NJTA.
The 'A' rating reflects the extremely strong and stable traffic profile of the turnpike and the parkway and the considerable economic rate-making flexibility retained by NJTA to increase toll rates on both roads when needed.
Current financial operations of the NJTA (in fiscal 2003), including approximately six months of parkway financials, remain healthy, reflecting an operating margin of approximately 52%, and providing 1.
The NJTA has proposed creating 57 acres of wetlands with a hydrologic connection to a wetland bordering Devil's Brook and preserving 202 acres of wetlands and uplands in the vicinity of Friendship and Miller Roads.
The objectives of the project proposed by the NJTA are to:
Additionally, RailWorks was selected as the crosstie supplier to NJTA for 2000, with an option to extend through 2002.