NJTPANorth Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
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Under the guidance of the NJTPA Board, the staffs of NJIT, CUPR, and NJTPA agreed on the objectives for the new system, and, in 1996, the consortium unveiled TELUS: Transportation, Economic & Land Use System.
The version of the TELUS software developed for the NJTPA included five components: (1) an automated TIP component containing basic information about each project; (2) an input-output model estimating project impacts on the number of jobs, per capita income, gross regional product, and tax revenues at the local, State, and Federal levels; (3) a property-value model estimating the impact of projects on the value of adjacent properties; (4) a project-interrelationships component identifying potential conflicts among projects; and (5) a geographic information system (GIS) reader.
In 1998, with the passage of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), knowing that many MPOs had a need similar to that of the NJTPA, provided support to modify TELUS for nationwide distribution.
As the federally-sanctioned metropolitan planning organization for the northern New Jersey region, the NJTPA evaluates and approves proposed transportation projects for the region and serves as a forum for interagency cooperation and public participation in transportation funding decisions.
The NJTPA board has already heard public presentations from Conrail and from Norfolk Southern.
Last year, the federal stimulus funds allocated $124 million for 62 diverse local projects selected by NJTPA.