NJUNanjing University (China)
NJUNational Joint Unit (police)
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By AD 1300, Zimbabwe-style walled settlements at Khama, Tlapana, Tora Nju and perhaps Khubu Island controlled trade in the region while serving as embodiments of Great Zimbabwe's hegemony on the eastern and southern shores of the Makgadikgadi (Denbow 1999).
It stays in the veins; it is the source of health and fertility, and a companion of the vital soul, as in the expression "nju pli nju mang".
5) The "chicken" soul (nju kr'a nju nong) is very much a home bird: even when it goes away for two or three days, it always returns to the body by itself.
Tamo gore bese nesto sto je ona videla; tamo njen bog, kog je ona gledala i koji je u nju gledao.
These include Fujitsu, with its Object Director tool, and Nihon Unisys with its System nju.
Unusually United have been on the drift - initial quotes of 8-15 have become 3-5 - perhaps due to the absence of t he i nju red Wayne Rooney.
But having overcome a succes sion of nigg l ing i nju r i e s , McCou r t i s desperate to stake his claim for a regular starting slot.
Implementing agency : Dr avni ured za sredi nju javnu nabavu