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NK1Neurokinin Receptor 1
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A double-blind clinical trial of alcohol dependence found treatment with an NK1 antagonist significantly decreased craving, blunted cortisol responses, and decreased functional magnetic resonance imaging responses to affective stimuli in recently detoxified alcohol-dependent study participants (for review, see George et al.
Diger gruplar calismalarinda RSV enfeksiyonlu farelerin havayollari nda hem subtans P'nin baglanacagi alanda artma hem de NK1 almaclarinda artis gostermislerdir.
The pharmacology of GR203040, a novel, potent and selective non-peptide tachykinin NK1 receptor antagonist.
This up-regulation presumably occurs at the pretranslational level because NK1 receptor mRNA levels increase substantially during RSV infection.
Activation of NK1 receptors plays a central role in nausea and vomiting induced by emetogenic stimuli, including certain cancer chemotherapies.
NEPA is a fixed-dose combination of a novel NK1 receptor antagonist (Netupitant) and the best-in-class 5-HT3 receptor antagonist palonosetron.
3] Do NK1 Receptor Antagonists (RA) Contribute to Nausea PS03 Parallel Session Control?
The NK1 receptor is involved in the antitumoral actino of L-733,060 and in the mitogenic action of substance P on neuroblastoma and glioma cell lines.
Beta adrenergic inhibition of capsaicin-induced, NK1 receptor-mediated nerve growth factor biosynthesis in rat skin.
Box 19849, Charlotte, NC 28219-9849 Tel: (704) 357-3131 Fax: (704) 357-3130 Comil Cosmo NK1 98.
Results of the Phase II study (2101) of tradipitant, an NK1 receptor antagonist, in patients with chronic pruritus are expected in the first quarter of 2015.
The non-peptide NK1 receptor antagonist, (+/-)-CP-96,345, produces antinociceptive and anti-edema effects in the rat.