NKDNacionalna Klasifikacija Djelatnosti (Croatian: National Classification of Activities; Croatia; economics)
NKDNational Kids Day (event)
NKDNo Known Disease(s)
NKDNew Kuwait Dinars
NKDNon Key Decisions
NKDNorth Kigezi Diocese (Uganda)
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Grup 1 ve Grup 2 NMP22 testi ve sitolojinin sonuclari Duyarlilik Ozgulluk PKD NKD Dogruluk LR (+) NMP22 0,60 0,78 0,57 0,80 0,72 2,73 Sitoloji 0,35 0,97 0,80 0,80 0,80 10,71 NMP22+Sitoloji 0,64 0,77 0,57 0,81 0,73 2,76 LR(-) NMP22 0,51 Sitoloji 0,67 NMP22+Sitoloji 0,47 PKD: Pozitif kestirim degeri.
Though it is widely suspected that this was pronounced [ammeri] rather than [ameri], such an intermediate form does not seem possible in the case of -kerasi < -kerurasi, which occurs even in some OJ texts (Man 'yoshu 4: 650; 5: 873; 6: 907; 6: 1075; 8: 1511; and 18: 4111; NKD s.
Risk indekslerinin L2-L4 omurga ve femur boynunda duyarlilik, ozgulluk ve teshis degerleri (%) , L2-L4 Omurga Duyarlilik(%) Ozgulluk PKD(%) (%) NKD(%) Teshis Degeri (%) NOF 42 72 43 71 62 OPERA 12 93 50 67 66 OST 54 76 54 76 69 AMMEB 60 73 54 78 69 Femur Boyun Duyarlilik(%) Ozgulluk(%) PKD(%) NKD Teshis(%) Degeri (%) NOF 60 62 21 91 62 OPERA 35 71 17 86 66 OST 80 68 28 95 69 AMMEB 80 68 27 93 69 NOF: National Osteoporosis Foundation OPERA: Osteoporosis Prescreening Risk Assessment OST: Osteoporosis Screening Tool AMMEB: Age, years after Menopause, age at MEnarche, Body mass index PKD: Pozitif Kestirim Degeri NKD: Negatif Kestirim Degeri Tablo 3.
An online survey of 1,000 shoppers by NKD Group indicated that Currys/ Dixons was the chain that most frequently disappointed customers, with half asked saying its service fell short of expectations.
00 A E & A V Cruikshank Newmill Newmill NKD Registered Suffolk.
The guys who brought you NKD Pizza -- famous for its "healthy" crusts and toppings -- have set themselves free from the franchise and launched their own operation, Freedom Pizza.
In addition, Ohan toiled on the development of an NKD Pizza product that is now on board Emirates Airlines.
After all, this is the region where we can see headless (by law) mannequins in Sharjah, and where the franchise of US company Naked Pizza is re-named NKD Pizza.
Dubai: The original owners of NKD Pizza in the UAE have launched Freedom Pizza after ending their franchise agreement for the fast-food brand, according to a statement on Sunday.
At the recent Caterer Food & Business Forum Ian Ohan, owner/GCC area developer for NKD Pizza revealed that the company had shifted its focus to sourcing only local produce in a bid to lower its carbon footprint.
Police in Belvidere, about 70 miles northwest of Chicago, said a gas pipe had exploded at the NKD America plant, which makes synthetic crystals for computers.
Called Food Revolution, the fair will feature the likes of KCal, NKD and Z pizza companies, Greenheart organic farms and Saladicious.