NKEANo Known Environmental Allergy
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To achieve the ambitious target under the NKEA, four key thrusts have been identified:
Healthcare --The healthcare sector has been included as an NKEA, and the target for the sector is to generate $X billion and create X new jobs by 2020.
Session 1A on Precision Transfer of Technology will include the following presentations: "Enhancing economic return to smallholders through effective supply chain," Sheela Thomas, India Rubber Board; "Improvement of Indonesian robber smallholders income through adoption of high yielding robber planting materials," Muhammad Supriadi, Indonesian Rubber Research Institute; "Precision agriculture," Tony Peng, All Cosmos Industries; and "Land consolidation: The story of Padi farming," Douglas Hau Yong Ling, NKEA Agriculture Performance Management & Delivery Unit.
Within each NKEA, Entry Point Projects will be identified by analysing their potential to grow the economy.