NKHRANorthern Kentucky Human Resources Association (Erlanger, KY)
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implement the NKHRA in ways that would make a meaningful contribution to
Title III of the NKHRA, North Koreans are allowed to apply for refugee
In passing the NKHRA, part of Congress' intention was that
The NKHRA has made little progress in garnering China's
While sponsors of the legislation have stated that the NKHRA was a
conference on North Korean human rights, funded by the NKHRA,
The second shortcoming of the NKHRA is that it hinders the
however, the NKHRA does not appear to have a significant impact on how
Third, the economic sanctions that the NKHRA imposes on North Korea
Lastly, the NKHRA is conspicuously silent with respect to
effective NKHRA implementation is that the vetting process of North
Given the weaknesses of the NKHRA and the current international