NKITNational Kaohsiung Institute of Technology (China)
NKITNederlands Kampioenschap Intern Transport (Dutch: Dutch Championship Internal Transport; forklifts)
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The strategic coalition and idea of constructing "new life circle of Quemoy-Amoy" created by NCKU and NKIT have been attracting attention from Xiamen University and Tunghai University as well as well-known domestic and global experts and leaders from Harvard University, National Taiwan University, National Yang-Ming University, Hong Kong University, National Tsing Hua University, and officials from government agencies to come to this Forum.
The "Quemoy Summit Forum", held at 25th of December at NKIT conference room will invite many experts and leaders from official agencies, academia and industrial sectors and Quemoy emigrants to Southeast Asia to explore the future of Quemoy in the point of view from global, South-Asia and Tai-Min.
Lai and NKIT, represented by the President Chin-Cheng Lee, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 8th of July this year to form strategic coalition with the aim to establish new life community of Quemoy-Amoy as well as new landscape for Quemoy.