NKMNuclear Knowledge Management
NKMNational Kite Month (April)
NKMNetwork Knowledge Management
NKMNeem Kernel Meal (animal diets)
NKMNewton-Kantorovich Method
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When NKM 16-2-4 was used as a targeting and carrier vehicle for the oral delivery of vaccine antigens, vaccine antigens (e.
By using NKM 16-2-4 and UEA-1, populations highly enriched in M cells have been isolated and analyzed to further elucidate the molecular features of this unique cell type; these analyses have included specific DNA profiling of M cells compared with other epithelial cell populations.
Dati and NKM are likely to split the right-wing and conservative vote, although both a "vibrant" politicians, Yates noted.
Dati, who will likely face a bitter and tough primary against NKM for Paris' ever- dwindling conservative vote, has also been criticized by the French media for her excessive attention to elegant fashion, frequently wearing clothes designed by Christian Dior.
Way said that Netzsch's NKM mill and De-Aerator offer advantages to ink manufacturers.
The NKM is specifically designed for processing UV inks," Mr.
The heart of the system is the new Netzsch NKM agitator bead mill.
Milling: NKM Bead Mills, LMZ (Zeta Circulation Mills)
Netzsch Incorporated, Exton, PA, has introduced the new NKM 20 Agitator Bead Mill designed exclusively for the production of offset ink.