NKMSNorthern Kentucky Medical Society
NKMSNatural Knowledge Management System
NKMSNavy Key Management System
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The SPECTRO xSORT has been demonstrated in many engineering companies and firms of the mining-metallurgical complex of Ukraine were it received positive responses of the experts of the following companies: Turboatom, Khar'kov; Kotloturboprom, Khar'kov; NKMS, Kramatorsk; KZMO, Konstantinovka; Dneprospetsstal', Zaporozh'e; Motor Sich, Zaporozh'e; Ordzhonikidze GOK; Marganetsk GOK; Marganetsk Ore Repair Plant; TsGOK, Krivoi Rog; InGOK, Krivoi Rog; Acelor Mittal, Krivoi Rog; REGOM, Krivoi Rog; Aleksandriiskii Ore Repair Plant.