NKOTBNew Kids On The Block
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By the time 1990 came along, if you were alive and in the messy throes of adolescence, you likely not only had your favorite NKOTB song, but your favorite NKOTB member, his wall-sized poster plastered above your bed.
Fast forward 25 years and I find myself heading off to see NKOTB again with the same friend, but this time at Newcastle City Hall.
It's like, why not get with like-minded - get like-minded fans together with, you know, like-minded bands and perform," explained NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg.
NKOTB formed in 1984 but didn't hit the big time until second album Hangin' Tough in 1988.
Whether the song will give you a cheap sugar rush or put you into a sugar coma depends on how much a NKOTB fan you are.
But if you expected NKOTB to come back with the same cheesy pop of 14 years ago, you'll be sadly disappointed.
Twas but a short step from NKOTB to Boyzone and the evil mutant genius that is Ronan Keating.
The well-drilled prodigies of impresario Maurice Starr, who'd made a mint managing New Edition and was cleaning up again with his white version, NKOTB earned their fortunes - an estimated $861m in 1990 - with a kicking combination of Stylistics-style soul and proto-hip hop - predating The Beastie Boys by nearly a decade - before splitting in ignominy when they tried to ditch their svengali.
The perception of NKOTB was so much different than what I am now.
The deal features VIP access to the music festival with headliners New Kids on the Block, Kelly Clarkson, The Fray and more, a Hersheypark roller coaster ride with NKOTB, a year's worth of Hershey's Chocolate and all the amenities to round out an avid fan's weekend in heaven.
Our fans know we love to bring them a party, and this tour is no exception," NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg said in a (http://www.