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NKSA New Kind of Science (book by Stephen Wolfram)
NKSNational Knowledge Service (UK National Health Service)
NKSNorton Knatchbull School (UK)
NKSNetwork Knowledge Server
NKSNo Kill Solutions (consulting firm)
NKSNorthern Kentucky Symphony (now Kentucky Symphony Orchestra)
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NKS will also be climate-neutral, thanks to its energy-efficient insulation, a geothermal energy plant and the use of food waste for biogas.
Country: JapanSector: Hotels/Restaurants/Casinos/Catering, HealthcareTarget: NKS Kabushiki Kaisha LtdBuyer: Compass Group Plc
We see the potential acquisition of NKS as a positive development for the consolidated Rostelecom, as it would help it to withstand competition from the Big 3 on the Russian broadband and pay-TV markets.
The three-week-long program consists of lectures and individual research projects relating to core NKS issues.
Las empresas NKS y Clemex fueron privatizadas en el gobierno de Carlos Salinas.
But NKS tweeted: "It is highly unlikely AFC will be successful in their bid for this site given the issues of site selection, transport and policy to which this application is contrary.
a public tender was awarded to Elekta in 2016 to equip the radiation therapy department of NKS and Sodersjukhuset with Elekta and third party products such as C-RAD's SIGRT solution.
Engineering consultancies Sweco AF on Monday announced that it has signed a joint contract with Skanska Healthcare AB for planning and design of a new Karolinska Hospital in Solna, NKS.
Contract award notice: Upgrading and integration of existing NKS tunneling systems in the Primorska motorway section into the new Regional Kozina Control Center.
NKS Klversen has a leading role in the subject of dementia and education in this area in Nordland fylke.