NKTINational Kidney and Transplant Institute
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We have the capacity to do complex transplant surgeries, which require 15-member medical teams for an average of 12 hours," said Jamian, adding that Renato Estrada, a taxi driver, had simultaneous liver and kidney transplants with government assistance at NKTI, when he was 54 in 2014.
Since the Supreme Court in November 2013 ruled the pork barrel fund to be unconstitutional, the NKTI has opted not to touch the dormant allotments sourced from 265 legislators, 67 of whom are incumbent.
Moreover, the additional limitations, restrictions and requirements imposed by PhilHealth, PCSO and NKTI make it doubly difficult for patients to access needed solutions and assistance.
Right now, Abby undergoes dialysis twice a week at the NKTI.
Last July 1, Zaldy was allowed by the court to undergo medical check-up at the Philippine Heart Center (PHC) and was granted permission the following day to visit his father at the NKTI the following day.
On July 7, 2014, the NKTI transplant team did the simultaneous liver and kidney transplantation on this patient.
The viable medical facilities in the country are all in Metro Manila - the Philippine Heart Center, NKTI, Asian Hospital, Makati Medical Center, Saint Luke's Hospital, Veterans Hospital, etc.
She ordered the jail warden of the Quezon City Jail-Annex to transport the three to the NKTI and bring them back to their cell immediately after the visit.
Aggabao cited data from the country's largest transplant facility, the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI), which show that the number of recipients of kidney transplant at the NKTI has gone down from 368 patients in 2008 to 238 recipients in 2013.
In an interview, Marilou said she and her children waited more than 15 hours before they were able to move his body from the NKTI morgue to a funeral parlor.
He wanted to contribute to the cleansing of our justice system,' said Reyes, who had been regularly visiting Lumanog at NKTI the past three years after the latter showed signs his kidney was failing.
And the NKTI Hemodialysis Center's impact and relevance to the needs of the populace, and the huge number of patients with kidney failure who have benefited from the project, are a milestone for the country.