NKWNutzkraftfahrzeug (German: heavy duty vehicle)
NKWNational Knowledge Week (awareness campaign)
NKWNowy Kurier Warszawski (Polish)
NKWNorth Korean Won (currency)
NKWNederlandse Kampioens Wedstrijden (Dutch: Dutch Championship Game)
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On December 21, 2012, NKW announced that it has signed a preferred supplier agreement (PSA) with Siemens Canada Ltd.
Siemens will be assisting NKW in advancing the development of first phase using 110 of Siemens New SWT-4.
Meanwhile, NKW continues to meet for a power purchase agreement.
NKW in its essence may be more pervasive, predatory, permanent and long lasting as compared to kinetic warfare.
The military cannot do it alone as it has limited mandate and jurisdiction in the field of NKW.
The template below indicates the use of NKW in Ukrainian conflict between the Russian Federation and the West led by the US.
This template only shows synchronized use of four major NKW tools (Diplomacy, Information, Economic and International Law), however, if we go into further details and look into other tools (domestic and international) the list could include, Military Diplomacy, Cultural War and Fault Line Wars (accentuating divisions based on ethnicity, religion, language, geography and class differences, targeting elite and masses).
While the security community of Pakistan and her military establishment are sensitized on the importance of NKW and have developed some basic concepts to deal with the challenge, political and corporate leadership needs to be sensitized on this new form of warfare.
The current content of debate on NKW within Pakistani media and think tanks is more of a gossip with limited scope.
There is a need to initiate a serious intellectual debate on NKW, so that our policy makers and common masses develop a fair understanding of this new form of warfare.
Few NGOs lead the pack here and it is unfortunate that Pakistan as a state has done very little to look into role of foreign sponsorships and those NGOs in NKW as the advance guards of this attack.
Pakistan as a state needs a serious intellectual debate on the subject; although our National Defence University and some think tanks have contributed substantially, there is a need to expand the scope of discourse on NKW and start a sustained national debate.