NLAANot Likely to Adversely Affect (US EPA; environmental rating)
NLAANumerical Linear Algebra with Applications (textbook)
NLAANot Laughing at All
NLAANational Legal Aid Agency (Ministry of Justice; Vietnam)
NLAANorwegian Lundehund Association of America
NLAANational Legal Aid Association
NLAANothing Left At All (Cranberries song)
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The NLAAS data set provides computed prevalence rates for major DSM-IV-TR diagnoses.
Cultural relevance and equivalence in the NLAAS instrument: Integrating etic and emic in the development of cross-cultural measures for a psychiatric epidemiology and services study of Latinos.
Second, NCS-R and NLAAS data are over 10 years old, and there may have been important changes in treatment utilization in the last decade.
The NCS-R and NLAAS include large samples of racial/ethnic minorities, established diagnostic assessments for psychiatric disorders, and extensive information on health and mental health care.
Soda] support was measured with a brief six-item scale previously examined in the NLAAS with Latinos by Mulvaney-Day, Alegria, and Sribney (2006).
The NLAAS data used in this analysis were provided by the Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research at the Cambridge Health Alliance.
In the present study, we use Part II only of the NCS-R pooled with the NLAAS Latinos, since we require detailed information on health status, demographics, and correlates of disorder.
NCS-R surveys were conducted by 342 certified English interviewers, while NLAAS data were collected by 275 trained multilingual interviewers (Alegria et al.
The NCS-R and NLAAS were designed to include parallel assessments across most demographic characteristics and all clinical measures.
In 2002-2003, the NLAAS surveyed a nationally representative sample of Latinos and Asian Americans, aged 18 and above, residing in households in the United States.
The NLAAS shares with the CPES common core sections, including the World Mental Health Survey Initiative version of the World Health Organization Composite International Diagnostic Interview (WMH-CIDI, Kessler and Ustun 2004), the Thirty-Day Functioning, the Service Use Battery, and sociodemographic variables.
Allocating part of a limited sample to the Modified Instrument to assess survey conditioning might reduce the comparability between the NLAAS and the other CPES surveys (NCS-R and NSAL).