NLAASNational Latino and Asian American Study
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The Spanish language version of the language proficiency scale used in the NLAAS was derived from the Cultural Identity Scale for Latino Adolescents (Felix-Ortiz, Newcomb, & Meyers, 1994).
The NLAAS data set provides computed prevalence rates for major DSM-IV-TR diagnoses.
The NLAAS, conducted in 2002-2003, is a national household probability survey of the noninstitutionalized U.
First, of the 13,647 NHWs, Latinos, blacks, and Asians from the NCS-R and NLAAS samples, we included the 9,100 individuals who reported that they had a regular medical doctor or regular place to go for routine care and had visited the provider or place (visits to a doctor, hospital, or clinic for a routine physical check-up or gynecological exam, if female) at least once in the past 12 months.
Ataque de nervios as a marker of social and psychiatric vulnerability: Results from the NLAAS.
The NLAAS is designed to be valid and reliable for diverse Asian and Latino communities.
Soda] support was measured with a brief six-item scale previously examined in the NLAAS with Latinos by Mulvaney-Day, Alegria, and Sribney (2006).
2004), the NLAAS is a nationally-representative survey of adult household residents in the non-institutionalized Latino and Asian populations of the coterminous United States.
The NCS-R was administered in two parts: [1] Part I was administered to all respondents and included core diagnostic assessments; [2] a subset of Part I respondents completed Part II of the survey which addressed service use, consequences, other correlates of psychiatric illness and additional disorders, with measures identical to those in the NLAAS.
In the present study, we use Part II only of the NCS-R pooled with the NLAAS Latinos, since we require detailed information on health status, demographics, and correlates of disorder.
NCS-R surveys were conducted by 342 certified English interviewers, while NLAAS data were collected by 275 trained multilingual interviewers (Alegria et al.
The nonexperimental version of the survey instrument used in the NLAAS is essentially the same as the instruments used in NCS-R and NSAL, with only minor modifications in some questions that do not affect the service use questions directly.