NLADNewfoundland and Labrador Association of the Deaf (Canada)
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The NLAD account is proposed on the grounds that the individual has the cognitive apparatus to construct an overall ordinal utility function [phi]([delta]) and is able to choose according to an ordering implied by an aggregate of multidimensional net difference so that intransitivity is originated.
Today the NLAD Cheetah can test both far-side and near-side laminates and bonds from the near-side surface, all right in the field using Impact Resonance Testing.
The NLAD Cheetah is simple to operate, so teaching untrained personnel to use it is quick and easy.
We applaud the FCC's efforts to successfully implement the NLAD, as we believe it serves as an important tool in restoring faith in the Lifeline program, service providers and those individuals that rely on the valuable service that Lifeline offers.
The Unifill Nexus is designed to address patient safety concerns relating to the reported malfunction, breaking or clogging of some conventional glass prefilled syringes when attached to NLADs.