NLAWNext Generation Light Anti Armour Weapon
NLAWNational Landscape Architecture Week (American Society of Landscape Architects)
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The most current order brings total SilMU01 requirements for NLAW to 20,000 units, including past, current and future delivery orders.
Now in production for the UK, Sweden and Finland, the Saab NLAW (Next-generation Light Anti-tank Weapon) is ready for operation, and available for export.
The NLAW is designed to be carried and fired by just one soldier, like the weapon it will replace, the LAW80.
NLAW - which stands for Next Generation Light Armour Weapon - is the new generation anti-tank missile developed by Swedish defence company SAAB Bofor Dynamics AB for the MoD and its Swedish counterpart.
Finland ordered the anti-tank weapon system NLAW last year and became the first export customer for the short range anti-tank weapon.
For example, NDI companies are involved in the Javelin and NLAW missile programmes; we are working closely with the MOD and Aircraft Carrier Alliance on how to engage our design, fabrication and engineering capability in the building of two new aircraft carriers - an immense project continuing until at least 2015.
Other orders worth mentioning are the purchase by the Estonian Defence of air defence systems and the acquisition by the Finnish Army of the new anti-tank weapon NLAW.
It was checking progress on a pounds 300m programme to equip the armed forces of the UK and Sweden with a new anti-tank weapon, NLAW.
Saab Training Systems, who is the main supplier, is responsible for integrating KMW's virtual simulator with Saab's ATW system NLAW (RB57).
We became involved in projects such as NLAW and Javelin and discovered the world of `industrial participation and offset'.
Saab (STO:SAAB) has received an order from Finland for the new anti-tank weapon NLAW.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Following joint development between the United Kingdom and Sweden, FMV (the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) today placed a purchase order with Saab Bofors Dynamics for the NLAW - Next generation Light Antitank Weapon - system.