NLBMDANational Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association
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Traditionally, the association operated under a federated structure under which companies would have to join at the state level to be members of NLBMDA.
NLBMDA responded by creating a "National Advisory Council" membership that would allow these regional companies to join NLBMDA directly, giving them access to lobbyists and information on issues at the federal level.
NLBMDA also gains value beyond the increased revenue from the participation of the regional chains, a fact that has lessened the conflict between the big chain versus the little guy.
CFLI is one of the biggest multi-million dollar bullies on the international trade playground, and it's about time everyone stopped tripping over themselves to appease them," said NLBMDA President Gary W.
Along with this endorsement, the 10 NLBMDA Federates are helping to drive adoption of BuildNet's supply chain-wide information synchronization solutions and to provide public endorsements of its benefits to its membership.
So, we're pleased to see that these Federated Associations of NLBMDA are recognizing BuildNet's ability to automate data exchanges in the supply chain without disrupting the integrity of individual dealer-to-contractor relationships.
Along with this endorsement, NLBMDA has agreed to help drive adoption of BuildNet and to provide public endorsements of its benefits to its members.
We believe BuildNet's vision of synchronizing the entire building materials supply chain is unique and will bring tremendous value to our members," said Gary Donnelly, NLBMDA President.
So, we're enormously pleased that NLBMDA has recognized BuildNet's value to its members and given such a clear, strong endorsement of the BuildNet system.
This is in addition to the recently announced agreement wherein USIB has been authorized to market group term life, group health and personal lines automobile insurance coverage to the 270,000 members and employees of the NLBMDA.
The present collective national gross premium based upon NLBMDA statistics is approximately $400 million.
USIB"), has signed the formal marketing/administration agreement with the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association, ("NLBMDA") at the NLBMDA convention of all state association delegates after a vote in favor of the agreement by the NLBMDA on the convention floor.