NLBSNetwork Load Balancing Service (Microsoft)
NLBSNetwork Load Balancing System (computing)
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8 million Swedish kronor, the court of first instance in Zagreb had already decided in favour of LB and NLB in 2002.
ka banka have brought a total of 27 proceedings against LB and NLB before Croatian courts on behalf of the Republic of Croatia (15 remain ongoing at present due to the joinder of individual proceedings) in connection with the transferred foreign currency deposits paid out to Croatian depositors more than 20 years ago.
Contract awarded for Appointment Of A Consultant To 1) Provide Consultancy Services For The Conversion Of Nlbs Current Bcm Singapore Standard Ss540:2008 Certification To Bcm Iso 22301:2012.
GTECH will provide its Enterprise Series central system solutions to substitute NLBs present terminal base with 5,500 Altura GT100 terminals.
Under the contract, which is expected to start this month, GTECH will offer the NLB with a variety of gaming technology, performance-driven systems and an integrated business environment.