NLCBNational Lottery Charities Board (UK)
NLCBNational Lotteries Control Board (est. 1968; Trinidad and Tobago)
NLCBNewfoundland and Labrador Child Benefit (tax credit; Canada)
NLCBNevada Legislative Counsel Bureau
NLCBNewfoundland and Labrador Chiropractic Board (Canada)
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Under the terms of the extension, GTECH will provide the NLCB with approximately 800 Altura(R) terminals and 400 handheld lottery terminals.
The NLCB of Trinidad and Tobago was established in 1968 to create a lottery for the twin-island state.
The last few weeks have seen major funding allocations awarded to the Nuneaton area and this will ensure that everyone in Nuneaton will reap the benefits of both government and NLCB funding.
The proposal resulted in Congressional spending that is more than $7 billion short of the amount promised to local education agencies to meet the standards of NLCB.
GTECH has been the online lottery supplier to the NLCB since 1994.
However, his office yesterday refused to condemn the Stonewall award, insisting it was up to the NLCB alone to distribute charity cash.
However the NLCB hit back at criticism by pointing out that of more than 1900 grants totalling pounds 246million since April last year, only 14 have gone to gay, lesbian or bisexual projects - at a total cost of pounds 2.
Tom Loveless pens a provocative piece on the politics of the federal law, finding support for NLCB strongest among minorities and the middle class.
The NLCB is GTECH's eighth customer in South America.
The NLCB awarded the five-year contract, which has extensive options for up to five additional years, to GTECH following a competitive bid.
Under the terms of the contract, GTECH will provide the NLCB with a comprehensive lottery system, including a central computer, a communications network, and retailer terminals.