NLCINobel Learning Communities, Inc. (West Chester, PA)
NLCINational Latino Children's Institute
NLCINew Lisbon Correctional Institution (New Lisbon, WI)
NLCINo Longer Contained In
NLCINatural Lighting Co., Inc. (Glendale, AZ)
NLCINew Life Computer Institute (India)
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An opportunity to join NLCI and become a voice for Latino children.
NLCI intends to draw the nation's attention to the issues of young Latinos by interacting and sharing their challenges, thoughts and opinions about their future utilizing the NLCI website and social media.
Founded in 1997 in Texas NLCI was formed in response to the projected growth within the Latino community and the dismal economic and socio economic indicators of the children.
Through the work with NLCI and the Y, the Kraft Foods Foundation is bringing a unique solution to help address the growing obesity rates and levels of inactivity in Latino children.
Through our partnership with NLCI and the Y, we'll be able to get even more Latino families involved in this award-winning program and, importantly, help them lead healthier lives.
The investigation concerns whether certain members of the board of directors breached their fiduciary duty in connection with their efforts to sell NLCI to Leeds at an inadequate price through an unfair process that significantly undervalues the Company.
If you are a current investor in the Company who purchased NLCI shares before May 18, 2011, and you wish to discuss this investigation or have any questions concerning this notice or your rights or interests with respect to these matters, please contact Gregory Frank at (800) 497-8076 or (212) 682-1818, or by email at investigations@murrayfrank.
Latino children continue to suffer the consequences of significant disparities in access to appropriate health, education, and social services, largely because of socioeconomic status," Josephine Garza, executive director NLCI said.
NLCI also held a public forum that brought together diverse leaders in education and health to discuss the current status of young Latinos and cite best practices for addressing the disparity issues that threaten the future of Latino families and youth.
Because at least one analyst has set a price target of $22 per share and approximately 55% of NLCI stockholders, including the company's management, have entered into agreements with Leeds Equity to vote in favor of the transaction, this buyout is potentially unfair to minority shareholders," said securities lawyer, Hamilton Lindley.
NLCI investors - or anyone with knowledge about this issue - should contact lawyer Hamilton Lindley at hlindley@goldfarbbranham.