NLCPNetwork Layer Control Protocol
NLCPNational Laboratory Certification Program (US DHHS)
NLCPNational Lung Cancer Partnership (Madison, WI)
NLCPNational Lake Conservation Plan (India)
NLCPNurse Life Care Planner (job title)
NLCPNew Life Pharmaceutical Corp.
NLCPNavy Logistics Capability Plan
NLCPNortheast Life Care Planning (Maine)
NLCPNavigation Light Control Panel
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It is the policy of the NLCP to support and encourage the development of these groups.
In this scenario, the decision of NLCP in Mozambique to promote SCGs in all endemic areas can be seen as an innovative step that merits research.
According to the NLCP, 25% of women "mistakenly believe there is a standard screening test to detect lung cancer in its early stages.
Once it has accepted a laboratory's detailed application, NIDA enrolls the lab in the NLCP proficiency testing program.
The NLCP was designed jointly with leading global institutions in the fields of leadership and competitiveness to focus on collaborative mechanisms between the government and private sectors, as well as on the role of the government sector in enhancing the business environment and the investment climate in the Sultanate.
Annual data on newly detected cases and registered prevalence were available for the years 1989 to 1996 in historical archives of the NLCP.
The abrupt fall in 1999 may have been influenced by changes of NLCP coordinators and their teams in every state in that year.
Highly endemic areas had been targeted for POD development by the NLCP with support from the Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR) and the American Leprosy Missions (ALM) jointly and by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
The NLCP programme team will provide all relevant information related to the programme application, selection, and learning process at the upcoming press conference.
18) Under the NLCP, the Government of India contracted with several leprosy NGOs to carry out Survey, Education and Treatment (SET) programmes throughout the country, thereby accelerating the control of leprosy.