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NLDNetherlands (ISO Country code)
NLDNational League for Democracy (Burma)
NLDNovell Linux Desktop
NLDNonverbal Learning Disorder(s)
NLDNonverbal Learning Disability
NLDNational Long Distance (telecoms)
NLDNecrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum (chronic skin disorder)
NLDNuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico (Airport Code)
NLDNational Leadership for Development (Zambia)
NLDNon Linear Dynamics
NLDNon-Linear Distortion
NLDNuclear Launch Detected (gaming guild)
NLDNetwork Long Distance, Inc
NLDNervous Little Dogs
NLDNormalized Levenshtein Distance
NLDNice Little Double (online gaming)
NLDNatural Language Dialogue
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Consequently, because the ruling government did not rig the results of the election, the NLD won 82 percent of the 400 seats in parliament, while the USDP won less than 10 percent.
He draws on research, his experiences and opinions, and the experiences of other young adults with NLD to explain what it is, its history, and its symptoms and diagnosis, including its difference from other learning disabilities; what is going on in the NLD brain in terms of sensory sensitivities, social cues and empathy, executive functioning and decision making, and learning disabilities; what parents, therapists, guidance counselors, teachers, and school administrators should know about aspects of the condition; preparing for academic success, friendship and dating, life after high school, and having a good life; and why NLD is ignored as a learning disability.
Members of the European Burma Network endorse the four action steps proposed by the Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK which the NLD could implement to start to address the Rohingya crisis.
It is widely speculated that that the NLD will get the president's post and a vice president's seat due to its majority in both the houses of the parliament.
The wildly popular Suu Kyi and the NLD won a landslide electoral victory in November, but she is barred from holding the presidency herself under a junta-drafted 2008 constitution because her children are not Myanmar citizens.
U Tin Oo, also patron of the NLD, delivered the opening speech to the representatives elected from some regions and states including Yangon, Tanintharyi, Mon, Rakhine, Kayin, Bago and Ayeyawaddy.
Under a new mandate, Suu Kyi, 67, will take the reins in steering the fractious NLD toward scheduled parliamentary elections in 2015.
On the flip side, despite its thumping success, the NLD will occupy only 39 of the 440 seats in the House of Representatives.
The Nobel Peace Prize winner, who had been detained for 15 years by the former ruling military junta, won an estimated 90 per cent of the votes cast in her Kawhmu constituency, 30 kilometres south of Yangon, according to the NLD.
Another NLD member said that the Union Election Commission (UEC) contacted the party to say that a ban imposed on the use of sports grounds, which had prevented a rally planned for 14 February from taking place, was lifted, The BBC reports.
Although considerable overlap may exist among "neurodevelopmental syndromes characterized by social inadequacy and peculiarity" we sought to draw attention to the specific neurocognitive differences in NLD as compared with other disorders that, despite potentially sharing features with NLD, are distinct disorders.
These are just some of the myriad challenges faced by individuals with a Nonverbal Learning Disability or NLD.