NLDACNational Living Donor Assistance Center
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The purpose of the NLDAC, which was officially launched by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) in October 2007, is to reduce financial disincentives to living organ donation.
The NLDAC eases this burden," said Robert Merion, MD, Project Director, and Professor of Surgery at the University of Michigan.
The ASTS is proud to administer the NLDAC and we are very pleased to achieve this important milestone of having more than 2,000 surgeries completed by the donors utilizing the program," said Kim Gifford, ASTS Executive Director.
In order for a prospective donor to quality for travel and subsistence through the NLDAC, the transplant candidate's household income must be within 300% of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Poverty Guidelines.
The majority of the donors say that the NLDAC made it possible for them to donate and we know we're providing an essential served to people who are willing to donate because of the support of the program.
The authorizing legislation provides that NLDAC funding may not be made available to donating individuals when payment for such expenses has already been made, or can reasonably be expected to be made under the following circumstance: 1) under any State compensation program, under an insurance policy, or under any Federal or State health benefits program; 2) by an entity that provides health services on a prepaid basis; or 3) by the recipient of the organ.
NLDAC assumes that recipients whose income exceeds that level will have the ability to reimburse the living organ donor for the travel and subsistence expenses and any other qualifying expenses that can be authorized by the Secretary of HHS.
Applications are filed through the transplant centers and reviewed by a NLDAC committee.
Here is a short overview of the NLDAC program that was authorized in October 2007.
The NLDAC, under Federal law, cannot provide reimbursement to any living organ donor for travel or other qualifying expenses if the donor can receive reimbursement for these expenses from any of the following sources:
All approved living donors are surveyed about their experience with NLDAC and to date 100% of the donors say they would recommend the center to other potential donors, NLDAC said in the release.
The NLDAC launched the program in a letter to US transplant programs urging them to register with the new center so they can apply for funds on behalf of prospective donors in their area.