NLDCNew London Development Corporation
NLDCNeighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities (UK education)
NLDCNational Load Despatch Centre (India)
NLDCNational Library and Documentation Centre (Sri Lanka)
NLDCNational Legal Debt Centers, Inc. (consumer advice)
NLDCNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Landsat Data Collection (US NASA)
NLDCNonadherent Low Density Cells
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The NLDC negotiated the purchase of most of the properties but failed to convince Susette Kelo and 14 other homeowners in the area to sell their properties and move out.
India has separate sensitive list for LDCs and NLDCs and still has not shared the SAFTA reduced sensitive list for NLDCs.
Consequently, the NLDC continued planning, held neighborhood
The NLDC in place the grid security at the national level will be considerably improved as it will provide real time information at one centralized location," he added.
According to Justice O'Connor, if the NLDC development plan were to fit at all in a category, it would be within this third box.
45) The petitioners, private landowners who refused to sell to the NLDC, commenced suit claiming "the taking of their properties would violate the 'public use' restriction in the Fifth Amendment.
In 1990, the state of Connecticut designated New London as a distressed municipality, and in an effort to revitalize New London, state and local officials formed the NLDC to assist the city with redevelopment plans and projects.
Mitchell President Mary Ellen Jukoski, Academy Superintendent Rear Admiral James Van Sice, and NLDC President Michel Joplin are all involved in transforming this historic whaling village into a new seaport collegetown on the Connecticut shore.
owned by NLDC, the property would be occupied under long-term ground
Once the redevelopment plan had been approved, the city delegated its eminent-domain power to the NLDC, authorizing it to initiate condemnation proceedings against any owners who refused to sell.
In New London, the Dery family owned its home for more than 100 years, and they've been mortgage-free since the 1950s, and the NLDC told them they owed $450 a month, per house, for the supposed privilege of just staying in their home.
The city council agreed and then changed its mind after the NLDC demanded that the city immediately bond the money, which would have meant an even greater tax hike for its citizens.