NLDRNebraska Lutheran Disaster Response
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Then, NLDR such as Laplacian Eigenmaps is used to reduce the phase space to a d-dimensional manifold (D [greater than or equal to] 2d + 1), which helps to eliminate the redundancy and illustrate the chaotic attractor of the original dynamical system (c).
The ratio indicators are: ROA (return on assets), ROE (return on equity), ROS (return on sales), PM (profit margin), EM (equity multiplier), NLDR (net loan/ deposit ratio), GNPLR (gross NPLs/ gross advances to customers ratio); and the variables in millions of RMB are: NII (net interest income), NI (non- interest income), OE (operating expenses), OPBP (operating profit before provisions), PBT (profit before tax), NPAT (net profit after tax), TA (total assets), GATC (gross advances to customers), TDFC (total deposits from customers), TE (total equity) and GNPL (gross non- performing loans).